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By Tom Erskine


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It’s really exciting to be writing my first blog as Business Account Manager at Nielsen McAllister. If you had asked me back in January where I thought I would be 10 months later, I can say with absolute certainty that it would not have been starting a new chapter in my career by working in PR!

However, if there is one thing that we have all learned in this insane year, it’s that life can come at you quickly, and with fatherhood, pandemics, furlough, and the rest all happening to me this year, it’s been rather a steep learning curve.

So, with the opportunity to join Nielsen McAllister coming up, it felt like the right time to be proactive and make something positive happen to bookend my year. Initially, I had to consider if I felt my skills or experience would be relevant for a role in PR and how I could prove to be an asset to the company.

In answer to that, for me, PR is about people and how you build lasting relationships with them. Not just with clients, but with the media, with the public and with potential new clients. It’s about presenting information, products or services in a way that engages people and if there is one thing that my career to date has been about, it is this. Whether it is promoting Derby as the ideal place to invest or relocate to or promoting a business to be the leading expert in its field, it has always been about building relationships.

If people don’t get you, you don’t get their business!

So it is with great excitement that I prepare to start this new chapter, ready and eager to learn as much as possible about PR, and the sectors Nielsen McAllister are engaged in, but also keen to develop the business into new areas, and raising our profile in the East Midlands and particularly Derby, where we are proud to have been headquartered for 30 years.

My only request is that 2021 at least bears a passing resemblance to normality and decides maybe not to throw quite so many curveballs so we can all get back to meeting, networking and building those relationships that make our businesses tick.

To discuss how our integrated communications programme can help to promote and enhance your business’s reputation and brand, give us a call, or use our contact form to request more information.

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