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So, here we still are, six or seven weeks into extreme social-distancing and experiencing our own individual “new normals” in working from home, or WFH as we now call it. We therefore thought it might be interesting to ask the team at Nielsen McAllister what they had learned so far from the lockdown experience – or indeed what they were now doing differently in their lives. This is what they said:

Coffee, wine and contact lenses – Bob Bushby

Coffee & Wine

Working from home, I have realised that I am drinking fewer cups of coffee – which clearly demonstrates my laziness and reliance on others to make drinks for me when I am in the office.

I have also found that working in front of my computer without wearing my contact lenses is good for my eyes. However, driving to the supermarket for essential supplies (my consumption of wine has not diminished during the lockdown) without my contact lenses is not good for other road users!

Juggling work – Simon Wildash


So, what have I learnt from lockdown and WFH over the past few weeks? Does teaching my son to juggle count? I’m claiming it, as surely it’s a life skill. Annoyingly, it only took him a couple of days. I seem to remember it taking me a good few weeks one Christmas, when I was given my box of three juggling balls. I never managed to go beyond this number, but I did beat my brother to be first to get to three, which at the time was definitely the most important matter to hand!

Outside of this, and more in the WFH vein, my top learning is to use mute when not speaking on Zoom, Teams, WebEx etc. You might just save someone else’s eardrums when you are ‘silently’ multi-tasking. Also, don’t forget that everyone can see you ALL THE TIME, so no face pulling, yawning or general disinterest showing – there’s no hiding from that camera straight in front of you!

Things that go bump in the day – Kerrie Oxford

Sat at table

WFH has taught me to embrace the unexpected! From a snoring dog that sounds like a tractor, to neighbours completing noisy DIY projects – not to mention two teenage sons who like to clatter around in the kitchen helping themselves to snacks. All are seemingly oblivious to me hosting client conference calls from my makeshift office in the dining room.

But I’ve learnt to embrace these interruptions and not shy away from them. Laughter is the best medicine, and to be able to laugh and share our experiences with each other during these strange times will surely help us all get by – hopefully with our sanity still intact!

La dolce vita – Connor Watson


In my time spent at home during this lockdown I’ve learnt two things: The first is that I realise I’ve been very silly not talking to my friends via video calls sooner. After we all left university, we moved to our various corners of the country, and have since seen each other maybe once every couple of months. Why we weren’t also regularly hosting quiz nights and cocktail-making classes on Zoom is now beyond me.

The second thing I’ve learnt is some basic Italian. Quite depressingly though, I know only how to say what I did at the weekend. Ho passato il weekend a lockdown (I spent the weekend in lockdown!).

Inside out – Lydia Skerritt

Woman and Dog

Last week aside, since the lockdown, it seems that the UK miraculously decided it’s going to be gloriously sunny. Lucky me to have space outside, I thought. What better way to work from home than to take the office outside? Well, I was very wrong. Turns out it’s quite the task! The reality is constant squinting eyes, a screen that shows only your reflection, and a battle with the wind as it blows my notes in all sorts of directions.

So, it turns out, since WFH I’ve learnt I have incredible willpower that I never knew existed! I actively choose to ignore the sunny garden that calls from my dining-room-turned-office window. Instead, I take even greater appreciation in outdoor space once I’ve finished my day’s work. Cheers!

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