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As we help our clients to become UNMATCHED, here’s a snap shot of what life is like at Nielsen McAllister.




A Collaborative & Inclusive Environment

At Nielsen McAllister, we believe in teamwork. Our office is set up to make it easy for everyone to share ideas and work together. Whether you’re a experienced professional or just starting in your career, everyone has a voice, and we’re all here to help each other.

We regularly hold team meetings, Lunch ‘n’ Learn events and casual brainstorming sessions to make sure everyone gets a chance to share their ideas. We think the best solutions come from mixing different viewpoints and skills, so we’re committed to creating an atmosphere where everyone feels included and creative.

At Nielsen McAllister, everyone’s ideas matter. By working together, we can achieve more and make a bigger impact.

A Focus on Personal Growth

Your growth matters to us. We offer ongoing training and development to help you expand your skills and advance your career. Whether it’s attending industry events, networking opportunities such as Marketing Derby Bondholder breakfasts or learning from experienced mentors, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to grow with us.

We provide access to online courses, certification programmes, and webinars on the latest PR and marketing trends. We also support attending conferences and trade shows to gain industry insights and build connections.

With personalised development plans and a mentorship programme, we offer the guidance and resources needed to reach your career goals. At Nielsen McAllister, your growth and success are important to us.

A Passion for Community

Derby is our home and we take pride in giving back to the community. Our team regularly participates in local events and supports charitable causes. For example, we join in the St Peters Quarter litter pick to help keep our local area clean.

We also support other local initiatives, like fundraising for food banks, and recently sponsoring, Hannah, our senior account executive, on her trip to Kenya. At Nielsen McAllister, we’re committed to making Derby a better place to live and work. Giving back to the community is a key part of who we are.

Work-Life Balance

We understand that sometimes working from home can be more efficient, so we offer up to two days per week of remote work. This helps our staff maintain a healthy work-life balance, ensuring they can manage their personal and professional commitments effectively. At Nielsen McAllister, we value flexibility and support our team in achieving both their professional and personal goals.

A Fun & Creative Atmosphere

At Nielsen McAllister, we believe work should be enjoyable. Our office is filled with creativity, laughter, and positive energy. We host quarterly social events and celebrate successes together. Whether it’s team-building activities or simply sharing a laugh, we find reasons to enjoy ourselves as a team.


If you are interested in a career in PR or marketing, keep an eye out on our careers page for vacancies.


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