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ESG & Sustainability Communications

Environmental, societal and governance – better known as ESG – is one of the biggest reputational challenges facing companies today. How do you do highlight a positive environmental impact, explain contentious or easily misunderstood initiatives, and build strong stakeholder relationships?

Nielsen McAllister has significant experience in ESG and sustainability communications and is undertaking training provided by the CIPR to further develop our knowledge in this area. We can act as your guide through a complex and fast-moving world where a single mistake in your messaging can lead to crisis – and be your conduit to the press, voluntary organisations, and other key stakeholders.

But Why Us?

ESG & sustainability reporting

A sustainability report is fast becoming one of the key documents in an organisation’s calendar – and will be a legal requirement within years.

We have written ESG and sustainability reports for international businesses, bringing together key insights and data points within a report structure to create a clear and compelling statement of our clients’ responsibilities.

Accurate copy that’s free of greenwashing

Public scepticism around sustainability messaging is justified, given the unproven and hyperbolic claims being made. Such ‘greenwashing’ is as much a danger as not saying anything at all.

We work not only with our clients’ marketing teams, but also their legal and sustainability representatives, to ensure the highest standard of factual accuracy and substance to any external communications.

Building long-term relationships

Good sustainability communications are about a company’s integrity, honesty and empathy – but above all, about making these qualities visible to the wider world.

Our work seeks to build partnerships with a variety of audiences – the press, trade bodies, community groups or activists – in order to enhance the credence of our clients’ ESG activities.

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