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Nielsen McAllister started as a PR agency – and helping clients get noticed is still at the core of what we do. Yet in the rapidly changing landscape of marketing and communications, we’ve evolved our expertise. Today, we offer a wide mix of strategic B2B PR & communications services and tactical methods to help our clients promote and protect their businesses.

PR is the perfect discipline to sit at the centre of our B2B communications offering. PR is about influencing people – long before influencer marketing became a thing. It’s about telling stories – it’s the original form of ‘content creation.’ And PR means, literally, public relations – and what could be a more public form of relationship than social media?

Whether it’s a thought leadership article or a LinkedIn post, everything we do at Nielsen McAllister is driven by the same objectives we’ve had since Day One.

Are we influencing the right people? Are we telling exciting stories that engage attention? And are we helping our clients to build better relationships with those people?

What does a B2B communications programme mean in practice?

In the past year alone, we’ve:

  • Achieved a combination of printed and digital PR coverage in more than 20 countries… and that’s just for one client.
  • Generated 1,000 visits to a client’s case study (and several strong leads) through targeted backlinks and paid social activity.
  • Realised a 941% increase in click-throughs from LinkedIn in the first four months since taking over management of a client’s company page, through a mix of organic and paid activity.
  • Delivered an immediate kickstart for a new client with a 767,000 readership reach for their first PR story and an interview in a Tier one press title.
  • Built such a strong relationship between a client and a key trade publication that a competitor asked if they could get out of the press and give them a chance!
From content & copywriting to social media to thought leadership, find out how our PR & communications services can help build your business communications.
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