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If your business is not currently using social media, it should be. And, to gain the most value from social media, Nielsen McAllister can plan your campaign and advise on the most appropriate platforms to engage effectively with your audience.

Social media can help you connect better with your customers, increase your lead generations, attract new recruits and promote your messages, services or products. Social media is not going away anytime soon!

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Which social media platform?

The social media platforms you use will depend upon your business type, audience and your specific message.

B2B communications are most suited to LinkedIn and Twitter, though Facebook is increasingly used for business, and Instagram is effective where products, services and events are more photogenic.

Nielsen McAllister can manage, write and schedule your social media campaign to help you maintain an online presence.

Digital PR & SEO

Digital PR forms part of our overall PR & communications service, but warrants mention in its own right, as it is specifically used by businesses to increase their online presence.

By engaging with the right journalists, influencers and bloggers, building links and utilising mentions on social media, we can help your business gain better online visibility and improve your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Video production

Video content is becoming increasingly important for businesses and organisations of all types, as it’s superb at enabling them to communicate effectively in the online world.

From simple explainer videos on social media, to animations and engaging customer case-studies, or the sharing of expert insight, our content creators produce compelling videos to bring your news and stories to life.

We can help deliver graphics, videos and animations to bring your communications to life.

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