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Social Media

Social media can help you connect more effectively with your customers, increase your lead generation, attract new recruits and promote your messages, services or products.

We can work with you on planning, engagement, reporting and operating your accounts on any platform and with our brilliant content creators, take your brand to new heights.

The social media platforms you use will depend upon your business type, audience and your specific message. B2B communications are most suited to LinkedIn and Twitter, though Facebook is increasingly used for business, and Instagram is effective where products, services and events are more photogenic.

At Nielsen McAllister we can manage, write and schedule your social media campaign to help you maintain an online presence.

But Why Us?

Research & planning

Our team is committed to understanding your brand, your products, and your audience. From the initial stages of getting to know your business, we spend time learning about the key audiences that make up your customer base and how best to market to them through social media.

We work with you to understand what SMART goals you want to achieve through your social media channels and build a content strategy that meets your KPIs.

We can also advise on and adhere to any budget set for sponsoring content online and have knowledge on-hand for the best ways to maximise their performance.

Managing & monitoring

Creating engaging, consistent social media content is a challenge for some niche industries, and our experience makes it easier for us to spot hidden opportunities. We produce monthly calendars with a variety of promotional and ‘fun’ content tailored to your audience.

Once we’ve got a rolling schedule for posting online that covers all of your key messages, it’s essential to maintain your presence. For this, we check all activity, across all platforms and ensure that we are responsive to any updates on your feed.

We can help you react to comments (both positive and negative), answer direct messages and interact with other people to get you involved with wider community discussions in your industry.


Understanding the data provided in social media analytics can be difficult, as each platform has its own method for collecting key metrics –  and, indeed, different definitions of what is ‘key’. We can translate and simplify this information into our unique reporting system that highlights the things you need to know.

Each of our monthly reports is tailored to reflect your KPIs and monitor the progress we’re making. It is emailed to you directly, in an easy to navigate dashboard format; along with a summary of the performance and any recommendations to improve the current strategy.

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