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So, here I am faced with my turn to write the next Nielsen McAllister blog, and like always it starts with a blank page.

And that’s the problem.

Until you start writing that is, and suddenly you are already 40 words in and feeling that this might be going somewhere.

Strange, isn’t it? How the challenge of the job in hand is often all about just starting and finding where your thinking goes.

Not that this is always the way. Sometimes it’s all about planning and research, which sets the structure and then forms the basis of your writing, understanding the subject in detail and then distilling this down into content people will want to read.

Which is our job in fact. And one that as an agency and a creative team we take pride in.

B2B PR is always interesting. It’s simply a case of finding the angle and making sure that you can help get this across in the best way. Learning about our clients and the value that their products and services deliver is fascinating and never ceases to amaze me – as I may have already touched on in a previous blog.

Whether a white paper, press release or social media post, good content is key, and sets the basis for today’s PR and communications. And while media channels have changed beyond recognition in recent years the need for interesting and relevant material – both in the printed and online world – is fundamental.

Actually, this would prove a good topic for another blog too… ahem. So, before I get too self-referential in a spiralling world of blogs referring to blogs, what am I trying to say?

Firstly, get on with it. Prevaricating isn’t helping you with that task in hand and look what can happen after just 20 minutes, you’ll be 306 words in before you know it.

Secondly, content is and will always be key to good communications. It’s the job of agencies such as Nielsen McAllister to help with this and may well be the answer to that writing task that you have been thinking about, but not yet got round to.

And finally, no matter what the project is, it always starts with a blank page. It’s the one certainty in any writing and the one where the joy of opportunity lies.

To find out how we can help you with the relevant content to fill your blank pages, contact us for a chat and a coffee and if you’re lucky we’ll even pop down to M&S for one of Bob’s favourite éclairs… now that’s the third Nielsen McAllister blog I’ve referenced!!

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