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When I talk about St Peters Quarter BID, I find myself thinking of Monty Python’s ‘The Life of Brian’. Not a thought many will have had I would guess but let me explain why.

I’ve been a Director of St Peters Quarter BID since 2019. Initially, with Nielsen McAllister being on Green Lane, I joined to engage with others in the area on the challenges we were having as a B2B PR agency based in the centre of Derby. The Business Improvement District (BID) presented an opportunity for us to have a voice, and while looking for help on issues may have been a catalyst for my joining, being part of this soon opened my eyes to the great work being done by both the BID and the large number of organisations across the city.

Let’s be clear, Derby undoubtedly has it challenges, but show me a city that doesn’t.

One thing that Derby also has though is a real sense of community and spirit that is displayed across a diverse range of groups who are all working to make a difference. Here Derby does truly differ from other cities.

Working individually, but also collectively, the likes of Cathedral Quarter BID, Marketing Derby, University of Derby and Derby City Council (DCC) to name but a few, are all doing their bit.

And the St Peters Quarter BID plays an important part in this too.

Really? So, ‘What has the St Peters Quarter BID ever done for us?’ (Penny dropped yet?)

Well, there’s the Rangers. Well of course the Rangers. Everybody sees the Rangers, Dave and Nikki, helping to make sure businesses, visitors and those who live in the city centre are safe and enjoying themselves.

And there’s the help in making St Peters look better – more welcoming and attractive. The planters and hanging baskets each year, along with the tidy days which help businesses come together and work alongside the activities of DCC.

And the events. The programme of St Peters Quarter live events and support to external providers in delivering key events such as Derby Feste, Derby Well and Derby Folk Festival alongside working in partnership with DCC on the Window Wonderland competition and a range of festive events and entertainment.

And the support provided throughout the Covid pandemic. St Peters Quarter BID was a key partner on the Derby Economic Recovery Taskforce, working to support businesses and ensure the safe re-opening of the city centre as well as helping with the city’s recovery.

So, apart from welcoming, celebrating and supporting, what has the St Peters Quarter BID even done for us…? You get my point.

‘Welcoming, Celebrating and Supporting’. These are the objectives set out in our latest business plan and provide the focus for us on the board to deliver against over the next five years.

Looking at these plans and by being involved, you realise how much is being done by St Peters Quarter BID. Combine these efforts with all the great work from others across the city and you can start to see a real difference being made.

Indeed, with the amazing potential of the Becketwell development already underway and businesses moving back into the city centre, Derby is already seeing positives a plenty. Jobs, housing and visitors will bring life and money back into this central part of our city and help us all deliver on our objectives.

So, I’m proud to say I am part of St Peters Quarter BID and proud that our PR and communications agency Nielsen McAllister is part of this area of the city. These are exciting times for Derby and by individuals and organisations continuing to give their time and energy, hopefully the Monty Python reference will soon disappear from my mind, as it will be plainly evident what St Peters Quarter – and others in Derby – have done for us.

To find out more about St Peters Quarter BID plans visit their website or want to talk to Simon more about his role on the board or how Nielsen McAllister is a part of the Derby, then contact us for a chat and a coffee.

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