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“You’ve still got a fair few get ups before school’s out for summer,” I yelled at my son at 7.15am on Monday morning. “You can do this Ted, get out of bed.”

It is only the start of July, but he’s limping weakly to the end of term.

His end-of-year exams have been exhausting, he’s still playing catch up on work after lockdown and we’ve just ploughed through 480 pages of Romeo and Juliet. (Yikes).

My 15-year-old is also massively cheesed off because I’ve shrunk his trousers… apparently.

“Don’t you think it’s because you’ve grown three inches in the last few months,” I joked.

“No”, he said. “You’ve obviously put the washing machine on the wrong setting.”

My little Ted, as I affectionately used to call him, is now not-so-little. He’s taller than me and has grown into a kind and caring teenager. He’s also figured out, thanks to his exam results, that he needs to work harder in physics.

“I’m going to run my own business, so I don’t need to know about neutrons, electrons and atoms,” he explained. “I’m going to make loads of money so I can buy fast cars and designer clothes.”

I admire Ted’s ambition and I can vouch for his already impressive work ethic. Last year, he got a job in our local pub as a glass collector – now he’s serving drinks and running food into the restaurant.

He knows that hard work pays off – just ask the delivery driver faced with the task of delivering Ted his parcels after payday.

I’ve enjoyed a 30-year career in journalism, and I loved my job. No two days were ever the same and I got to work with some amazing people and write about crazy, quirky characters. Now I’m swirling in the world of PR, and it is just as exciting and fun.

I’m always telling Ted to chase his dreams. “Think big,” I say. “You can be whatever you want to be if you try your best and work hard.”

Like my son, I’m a creative thinker, a do-er, someone who loves communication and thrives on making friends and spending time with people.

For the record, I also hated physics. Sorry Mr Poulson, my poor science teacher, but at least I passed the life goal test. Go Ted!

To discuss how our team can help with your physics homework or perhaps simply promote and enhance your business’s reputation and news, give us a call, or use our contact form to request more information.

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