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The world of PR is changing. Reports of traditional printed media titles closing or moving solely online abound, while the world of influencers, blogs and social media outlets explodes exponentially.

Getting your news noticed today therefore involves much more than issuing a traditional press release, and yet for many companies and their PR agencies, this has always been the case. It’s your blog, social media posts, case studies, latest white paper and thought leadership articles that all combine and work alongside your press release within your integrated marketing plan that all deliver results.

Quality content

Whatever the media channel, the need for quality content is key – and content is exactly where PR agencies can help businesses. Also, and of increasing importance, is the role that quality content has on search engine optimisation (SEO) as search engines are continuously on the look-out for new and original content. While traditionally this has meant a focus on keywords (with tools such as Google Analytics helping here) having engaging, interesting content is much more than stuffing an article with keywords. Search engines are now much more sophisticated and if they feel that a webpage is simply creating content in order to use keyword it will take steps to ignore it. Or worse, delist the site and its content.

But let’s take a step back. What exactly do we mean by content or, another term that’s often used, content marketing? Definitions aplenty exist, but for us, it is the process of writing and sharing stories that are of interest to an organisation’s target audiences. Be they existing customers, employees, press, suppliers or the general trade sectors, the focus will vary for each, and the approach and tone will also be very different.

Communications examples

As an example, our communications on behalf of WaveGrip targeting Craft Brewers in the US and UK, were very different to those taken with Xaar, which focused on engaging with journalists ahead of a press launch day on 3D printing. Yet one thing that was important with both, and is important within all communications, is that the focus remained on creating engaging content that is both useful and interesting to the relevant audience. It is much more than simply trying to sell your products and services.

In essence, it’s about building trust and enhancing your reputation through the creation of quality content and information that people will value. For example, sharing the research you have undertaken as a business that helps understand customers’ needs or, similarly, demonstrating the latest relevant trends within the market through your new white papers and blogs. Or perhaps it’s highlighting the latest creative developments in your industry across LinkedIn and helping ensure your contacts and customers are fully aware of them. All this helps to engage with your audience across multiple touch points and adds value to them taking time out to read it.

An integrated plan

And at the heart of this is a plan. An integrated communications approach with content at its core, and this is precisely where a PR agency can help your business. Defining and writing content that will interest your customers to maximise its effectiveness across both traditional and digital channels – and giving people a reason to engage with your business.

So, if you hear that PR is dead, perhaps think again. In today’s online world and demand for content, I would argue it’s more relevant than ever before.

To find out how we can create content to engage with your company’s audience why not give us a call or click here and come over for a coffee and a chat. We would love to find out more about your business – and see if we can help you.

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