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Yep, you heard me right. Yet another AI tool, called Search Generative Experience, is being tried and tested by the powers that be (aka Google) and it’s a potential game-changer for PR and Marketing departments across the globe.

There is a lot to know about this new tool, so let me give you our take on what it means to you.


What is Search Generative Experience?

Basically, Google is testing a generative AI tool for their search engine so that when you search for something it no longer shows you a list of websites to go to, but it tells you what you need to know itself by pulling information from those websites.

So, it’s just a featured snippet?


Unlike the lovely featured snippet, SGE is going to be bigger, (better?), and pulling information from multiple websites. It has been described as a conversation with the search engine. One where you ask detailed, elaborate questions and it responds with detailed, elaborate answers.

It will also be constantly learning from you and what kind of questions you ask, improving itself to become more tailored to you. It will aim to understand exactly what you’re asking for. Creepy.

It’s currently being trialled in a number of countries, not yet including the UK. So, we have a little longer to get our heads around this concept and understand the changes it will bring.


What is the impact of SGE?

Search Generative Experience is going to be a pain in the backside for many professionals working in PR and Marketing. Not only will this impact our personal use of Google, but it will absolutely impact our strategies at work.

It means all organic competition on the Search Engine Results Page will increase as everyone gets pushed further down to make room for the AI response, which will inevitably lead to more competition for PPC. So not only is everyone going to have their SEO on point, but they may also have to pump more funds into their Google Ads. (Funny little coincidence, right?)

It also means a potential need to re-do keyword and blog strategies, as people will be able to search very long questions and get very long replies, so blogs that have long tailed/phrase keywords will be favoured by the AI. Yay! A whole new blog strategy!

Basically, it’s going to a shock to the system. The best thing to do now is get out ahead of it.


How can I prepare for SGE?

There are few things at this stage to plan ahead since we still don’t know that much about it. However, here are my recommendations:


  • Take time to look at your SEO strategy and make small changes where possible. Start using a few long-tail keywords on your blogs, for example, or write content on your website pages that answer a question instead of act as a statement.
  • Invest in a helmet to protect you against all the damage you’ll gain from repeatedly hitting your head on a wall! 😊


In the (sort of) words of some famous people: Search Generative Experience is coming. May the odds be ever in your favour.


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