What makes you unmatched?

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The dictionary definition of unmatched is: Not matched or equalled.

As a result, we tend to think that ‘unmatched’ refers to someone or something at the absolute pinnacle of perfection. It’s there in the rhetoric of the GOAT – the Greatest Of All Time.

Anybody who’s spent time online will likely have gone down the GOAT rabbit-hole at some point.  Which footballer is the GOAT? Which singer? Or TV show?  It’s a fun diversion, but slightly misses the point.

Why GOAT is a ‘Messi’ definition

Take Lionel Messi, for example.  He’s commonly cited to be the GOAT amongst footballers, with an enviable haul of awards and records, not to mention hours of YouTube videos showing him at his merciless, mercurial best.

And yet – what about Ronaldo? Or Pele? How about Maradona? Arguably, Messi isn’t even Argentina’s greatest player. Maradona is 2-0 up in World Cup titles. Can the GOAT really be someone who never won football’s most coveted trophy?

At one time or another, each of these players was unmatched. And even on the day of the best game they ever played, there was somebody on the pitch doing a better job of being the goalkeeper.

The point is: trying to be the GOAT is a fool’s crusade. But becoming unmatched? That’s much more achievable.

Unmatched > GOAT

Everybody is unmatched at something. At Nielsen McAllister, we challenged every member of our team to define what makes them unmatched. The results are interesting, to say the least.  Stop to really think about it, and you’ll discover all kinds of things you’re unmatched at, too.

These are things to be proud of.  Reasons to get up in the morning. And points of difference that define your decisions in life.

Now: apply the same logic to your business.

Every business has something they’re unmatched at.  Maybe it’s the technology you use. The expertise within your team. Your processes…

Deep down, you probably know what that ‘something’ is.  Perhaps it’s hard to articulate, or you’ve lost focus because it’s been obscured by a different emphasis.  Maybe you need a fresh perspective to truly bring it to the light.

We launched our Unmatched campaign to bring you this perspective, and help you realise what you’re unmatched at.

By looking closely at your business, the markets you operate in and your competitors, we can help define exactly what to say, and where to say it, so that your customers understand exactly why they should work with you.

Because – at helping them to achieve that one thing which will make their lives easier, their operations faster, their business more efficient – you’re unmatched.

So don’t be a GOAT. Be a GAOT. The Greatest at One Thing!

To find out more, download our free playbook on How to Become Unmatched.

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