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Before I moved into PR, I was a fairly decent (!) feature writer for magazines and local newspapers.

Hard work always paid off and if I found the right story, I could brew up a news storm that lasted for days. Then came the follow-up story, national press interviews, TV appearances and radio slots. My feet wouldn’t touch the floor and before I knew it my story was being published all over the place.

Looking back, I wish I’d bottled that feeling in the newsroom, but thankfully, there’s a buzz working in PR too.

It is now my privilege to work with some amazing clients and I love nothing more than sharing their stories in newspapers, on the TV and across the radio.


Know your client and you’ll be able to get them all the press attention they want

Before you chat to newspaper editors, TV researchers or radio producers, make sure you know your client and what they want from the media.

The more you learn, the more you can tailor your pitch – and win! Tell the story, craft it with finesse, and make sure you are appealing to your target audience.

Right now, one of my biggest successes is getting clients on the radio.


Radio interviews are short and sweet – but that’s a good thing

Radio might lack the glamour of getting your clients on the TV or featured in the newspaper, but it is a great way to get their news out.

In recent weeks, local radio has been my best friend and I’ve learned that it can grab people’s attention like nothing else.

If you make the most of the opportunity a radio interview can present, you will have happy clients. All. Day. Long.

It is fact that a high number of people in the UK consume news through the radio so never worry that an interview will only be two or three minutes. What’s important is to grab the attention of the listener and make sure to get your message across.


I make it my business to know the radio station – and the team!

If you’re asking for ‘radio time’, bring energy and enthusiasm about your subject. If you’re shouting about a client’s success, try and match the energy levels of the reporter who will be doing the interview.

Remember: The best radio interviews are more like a conversation so make sure you brief clients on the best way to talk. For me, I always explain to them that successful radio interviews are like a chat with friends.

Be efficient, don’t waste time and ALWAYS come up with the goods

You’ve got a great story, your pitch is perfect and you’ve pressed send on the email. Now all you’ve got to do is demonstrate your expertise and credibility and get everything over the line when the radio team show interest.

Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and chat with the show’s producer when making plans to get your client the radio exposure they so desperately deserve.

A conversation is worth a thousand emails, and the reporter might prefer the direct approach. There’s even a chance you might jump the queue and get on the air faster if you make the right impression and showcase your expertise and experience.

A happy client… and all that

My clients are always delighted when I call to say that I’ve lined up a radio interview. Helping clients to reach their target audience and share their news over the airwaves is the best feeling ever.

I often go to, and I love being in the studio. It’s so rewarding, especially when you’ve won a client’s trust and business.

Radio really does complement TV and press and can integrate seamlessly to increase reach and impact. It’s also a lot of fun.


To find out how we can help your stories get on the radio and beyond, contact us now for a chat.


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