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Whilst it is very much a constant ‘spinning of plates’ in PR, it does mean that when you arrive at the office at 9am, you often only have to blink and it’s suddenly lunchtime. When you enjoy what you do and keep busy, time flies.

In this blog, I’ll try my best to encapsulate just exactly what a PR Account Executive does, and how we fill our days in the office.

My morning ritual usually begins by heading straight to my inbox. My colleagues know that this sometimes even comes before greetings.

I think that my brain likes to know I’m up to date and aware of everything happening in my inbox first and foremost. After that, I feel relaxed, ready to take on the day and do my rounds of “hellos” to the rest of the team.

This routine remains the same when I’m working from home. Quite often, I’ll resist the temptation of making a cup of tea until I’ve settled down and skimmed through my emails. Sometimes, I may not immediately take action on them, but being in the loop right from the get-go allows me to prioritise and plan my day.

Now, on to the huge variety that comes with being a PR Account Executive…

It’s a cliché that we’re always repeating – “two days in PR are never the same” – but it’s true. PR is known for its dynamism, and this is definitely true in my role at Nielsen McAllister. One day, I might find myself writing a technical piece, delving into the intricacies and science of a client’s product. The next day, I could be knee-deep in drafting social media posts and scheduling.

Even then, one hour can differ from the next – flitting between one client’s professional, corporate tone on LinkedIn to another that might have a completely different style, with a more casual approach and plenty of puns and emojis.

Throughout the day we will be constantly bouncing ideas off each other in the office or over Microsoft Teams, brainstorming creative ideas, and finding innovative ways to tell our clients’ stories.

As the day progresses client meetings, press releases, coverage monitoring, social media, creating graphics (with the help of Molly) and reporting can all find themselves on my to-do list. It’s a constant balancing act that keeps us all on our toes, but it’s also incredibly rewarding.

Every small win counts at NM, whether this is securing media coverage or drafting an engaging social post. The sense of accomplishment at the end of each week definitely makes all of the juggling worth it. (And sometimes, we even get a bottle of wine or box of chocolates from the bosses for our uNMatched work.)

So there you have it – a glimpse into our busy days at Nielsen McAllister. Public Relations is a fulfilling job that’s filled with constant learning, challenges and dilemmas but also the opportunity to make an impact when done right. If you’re someone who thrives on diversity, creativity, and a touch of organised chaos then the life of a PR Account Executive might just be your cup of tea.

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