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Full disclosure, this is a tough blog to write. Mainly because for large parts of it I must think about myself as a ‘personal brand’, something which I never aspired to be. Yet through osmosis, I have become a brand, in many ways, in the great city of Derby. It was having some name recognition in the city which played a part in being the right person to write a book on Derby County Football Club this autumn.
I’m still fully grasping what my ‘personal brand’ should be used for – do I use my powers for good or evil? But one clear thing is being recognisable in whatever area it is can have huge beneficial ripple effects.

Personal branding has emerged as a compelling force, not only for individuals but also for the companies they represent. The concept might seem reserved for influencers and celebrities, but its significance transcends these realms, offering many advantages to businesses of all scales and industries.

At the core of personal branding lies authenticity and transparency. This is where social media is such a great tool. Giving people a little window into your life, be it books you’ve read (or written!), big life events, people you’ve met or places you’ve visited.  These can establish common ground or admiration with many clients and solidify trust in you, and therefore your company. People are more likely to engage with a business when they can relate to the human aspect behind it.

At Nielsen McAllister, the personal branding of our team is not only accepted but it is actively encouraged. We’re lucky to work in an environment where our leadership team champions personal successes and gets our work recognised even if it isn’t tied to us as a company.

In an ‘always on’ world where everything and everybody is vying for our attention, standing out is paramount. A compelling personal brand not only garners interest for the individual but also elevates the visibility of the company. An active, engaging personal brand can serve as a magnet, drawing attention to the associated company, and thereby widening its reach and audience.

When people establish themselves as thought leaders or experts in their industry or local area, their company naturally reaps the benefits of increased exposure and recognition. This visibility can translate into new business opportunities, partnerships, and a broader customer base.

For example, I largely built my reputation reporting on Derby County, so when I attend Marketing Derby Bondholder events in Derby, I’m able to get a leg up on any small talk by chatting about the football club and its impact on the community – some people even bothered to read my work, which was nice. Building rapport is key, so being able to get a head start in that regard when people know you for your work is reassuring.

Employees who are actively engaged in personal branding become ambassadors for their company. They can extend the company’s reach organically through their networks, positively impacting recruitment efforts and fostering a stronger sense of community within and outside the organization.

The symbiotic relationship between personal branding and company success cannot be overstated. Companies that encourage and support their staff in developing their personal brands witness an array of benefits that extend far beyond immediate, tangible gains. Embracing this philosophy allows people to feel heard, be themselves and also bring with it an added stamp of authenticity to the company they represent.

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