Reflections, Rising Stars and Crystal Balls

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It’s around this time of every year that the predictions for the forthcoming year start to arrive.

After a year which ranks for most as one of the hardest experienced, it is incredibly tempting to close the door on 2020 and start to look to the future.

Indeed, with the mass vaccination programme underway, Christmas round the corner, and Marketing Derby’s Annual Business Event invites appearing in inboxes it’s as good a time as any to wipe the slate clean and try to forget these (sorry) “UNPRECEDENTED TIMES”.

However, to do so would be to do 2020 a misjustice. Through the pandemic-induced struggles we have endured, the adaptability of many businesses and individuals has come to the fore, and been inspiring to see. The flexible-working revolution, the shift of hospitality and retail to new business models, and the willingness of people to queue, to book and to have greater consideration (on the whole) for each other and the environment has been at times a welcome reminder of what we are all capable of.

Of course, none of that comes as any sort of consolation to those who have lost loved ones, jobs, homes, relationships or businesses. With the added doom of a no or bad deal Brexit, it has never been harder to be optimistic and positive about the future for some.

Here at Nielsen McAllister, while 2020 has undoubtedly been a challenge, as it has for many businesses, we are quietly proud of how the year has gone. With some exciting new and existing clients on board for 2021, we have a platform to take the business to the next level, and hopefully in an environment that allows our clients once again to engage more directly with their customers and targets and to promote themselves at exhibitions, trade fairs and awards ceremonies.

However, we are also focused on giving back, not least to the Derby community, where we have been based for over 30 years. We are really excited therefore to have partnered with Marketing Derby on their Rising Star campaign. The Rising Star is awarded to a new business each year, providing them with 12 months free Bondholder membership. Bondholders are companies in Derby and Derbyshire, who are passionate about the area, wanting to raise its profile , their businesses and their people through a series of events, exhibitions, and marketing opportunities. It is one of the most successful schemes of its kind and an incredible thing to be a part of for a new business.

As part of their free Bondholder membership, Nielsen McAllister has agreed to offer the Rising Star 2021 a year’s marketing and PR support. We hope that we can use our expertise to help the winning business thrive and grow as it seeks to establish itself in these difficult times.

So, with 2020 drawing to a close, we look forward to the support we can give to our clients – existing and new – as we move into 2021. And to finish, as promised, here are some thoughts and predictions for what the year may bring –

  • Brexit and all the joy that will bring. Ugh.
  • Covid restrictions ease. Hooray!
  • A return to business events and networking. Yes!
  • A period of national exhaustion as we process and recover from this year. Zzzz!
  • Significant high street vacancies, but in a much-improved environment.
  • The growth of coworking spaces. Cool!

We wish everyone a good, relaxing and enjoyable Christmas, and look forward to seeing you in hopefully less-socially distanced working and networking environments next year!

To discuss how our integrated communications programme can help to promote and enhance your business’s reputation and brand, give us a call, or use our contact form to request more information.

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