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Even before a tanker blocked the Suez Canal, the global supply chain was reeling from a growing crisis. And in the nearly two years since, between the continuing impact of COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine, things have got worse.

For companies in the logistics sector trying to remain competitive, there is greater pressure than ever to deliver effective supply chain PR and communications. But how best to deliver the right messages to your target audiences, in order to maintain brand awareness and generate business leads?

The good news is that PR and marketing work in much the same way as a supply chain. It’s about choosing the right materials, and selecting the best route to ‘ship’ them out.

And, funnily enough, many of the key issues affecting the logistics sector are the same challenges you’ll need to face in order to boost your supply chain PR efforts.


Storms are a common hazard in logistics. Even so, logistics companies have discovered in recent years just how many types of storms can beset the best laid plans.  As a result, the biggest buzzword in the sector right now is resilience.

In PR and marketing, too, you never know what’s around the corner.  That’s why we always recommend building a robust strategy that puts your objectives at its heart, but which is tactically agile. That way, it’s easy to pivot your activity to reflect changing circumstances, and ensure you stay on track.


From telematics to e-commerce, the impact of digitalisation on logistics has been seismic – and it continues to promise unparalleled shifts in operational behaviour.  Whether it’s automation or artificial learning, logistics companies are paying close attention to a future that’s nearer than we think.

PR and marketing have faced the same challenges. The pace of change is so fast that many in the industry can still remember a time before social media and email, when the fax machine was still considered the height of technological sophistication!

Today, from playing with the latest TikTok effects, to using A.I. to transcribe interviews, to providing real-time reporting on Google Analytics, there isn’t an area of supply chain PR that is untouched by digitalisation.


With more accurate and versatile tools at their disposal, logistics professionals are increasingly tasked to demonstrate visibility across their operations. Whether that’s real-time tracking of shipments, to transparency in ethics and sustainability, the successful logistics company is one that is visible.

Effective PR and marketing, by nature, rely on being seen. That means looking at what’s happening in the world to create compelling new content, implementing powerful SEO techniques to capture Google’s attention, and having the ear of editors and influencers to publish your news.


Like many industries, logistics faces an ongoing battle to attract and retain talent. So it should come as no surprise that high-quality supply chain PR relies on having the right skills in place.

That’s where an agency like Nielsen McAllister comes in handy. We have extensive experience of running multi-channel communications programmes for customers in the logistics and supply chain sectors.


As a supply chain PR agency, we can offer our clients true resilience by managing many of the day-to-day requirements of communications.  We have widespread expertise in digital tools and channels, to provide added value and tangible results. And, of course, we help our clients to become visible to customers and prospects.

Read our case study on how we helped Tower Cold Chain boost its visibility in the field of temperature-controlled pharmaceutical freight, through a mix of PR, thought leadership and social media.

Or drop us a line to find out how we can help you with your supply chain PR needs.

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