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Greetings dear reader and welcome to this overspill of brain activity one could (very) generously call a blog.

It’s been a while since my last entry, and it is time to put that right after some light cajoling from my colleagues. Putting fingers to keyboard, I breathe a sigh of relief as the cricket bats are put away and my kneecaps remain intact.

What to discuss then, other than the implied violence of my office comrades?

Something close to my heart in fact; is there power in professional oddity?

Yes! – in a word, and I shall explain from my personal experiences why I think so.

A not-insignificant part of PR work is maintaining good relationships – and that means making sure journalists like you.

As a PR professional you want to get your clients’ stories under the noses of these guardians of the print/html page. As does every other PR in your industry. That is a lot of competition.

This is where professional oddity can be of benefit in my estimation: it is an effective way of standing out to your target contacts in the media.

It helps to develop relationships by turning each email or phone conversation into an enjoyable experience for both parties.

You can get journalists to look forward to a conversation with you, imagine that!

The relationship between a PR and a ‘journo’ is not unlike the relationship between cats and dogs: often harmonious, sometimes fractious – so staying in their good books is of benefit to your clients.

With only three years’ experience under my belt, I am aware that I am still learning – but I do emphatically believe that using your personality is essential to PR work.

Having said that, an important caveat applies, you need to tailor your approach to each and every contact.

Everybody is different, so gently, gently is the approach until you know what they will respond well to.

In my efforts to develop professional relationships I have come up with short rhymes, invented noble titles and traded anecdotes with a vast range of people who can benefit my clients – all in the name of standing out and rising above the rest.

My last words to you are this:

Don’t hide your personality under a bush. Use your charm, humour or whatever notable aspect you have that stands out and use it as a tool. People will remember you, and that is what PR is all about. There is power in professional oddity.

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