Just what is Whamageddon? How do you take part? Can you survive?

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Heard of the Christmas game, Whamageddon, that’s sweeping the nation? Well, on December 1, I failed. Epically.

For those of you who don’t know, you’d be right to guess that it has something to do with Wham!, and their Christmas hit, Last Christmas. The aim of Whamageddon is for players to go as long as possible into December without hearing the song.

But at 9.02am, Molly, our apprentice at Nielsen McAllister, grabbed her phone, punched the words Wham!’s Last Christmas into YouTube and the rest, as they say, is history.

I covered my ears with my hands and dashed out of the office, but the damage was done. George Michael crooning about Last Christmas filled the whole office – and we’re on three floors!

I love the festive season. It’s filled with the same old films, songs and events to help get us in the Christmas spirit.

We’ll all watch Love Actually, It’s A Wonderful Life and Elf before December 25, but I desperately wanted to survive Whamageddon for a tiny bit longer.

I’d only just chomped my first chocolate from my Advent calendar and was still in the throes of asking Alexa to compile my top Christmas tunes including The Pogues, Slade and Mariah Carey.

So, here’s a tip to avoid being ‘Whammed Out’. When you’re shopping in Wham Danger Zones like the supermarket, put your earphones in and listen to something else. You might have hearing damage, but you’ll survive Whamageddon – unlike me.

On a serious note, I actually think the entire game is a little harsh – considering Last Christmas by Wham!, is the best Christmas song EVER…

Just in case you need to know, here are the rules to Whamegeddon:

Players must try and get through as much of December as possible without hearing George Michael crooning about Last Christmas.

The game only lasts until midnight on Christmas eve so if you do make it to the 25th without hearing it you can binge Wham! all day long on Christmas Day!

To talk more about Whamegeddon, contact us for a chat and a coffee. Or, check out the rules Here.


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