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At Nielsen McAllister, we love taking on pupils for work experience. It’s a great opportunity to inspire the future generation of PR experts and to pass on some words of wisdom about what working life is really like.

In July, we were lucky enough to have two work experience candidates join us over the space of two weeks.

Here’s what Jack and Ryan got up to:



Being amongst the team at Nielsen McAllister even for this small amount of time has proven to me that a healthy working environment is based on innovation and individuality. The team here are happy in their roles and are proud to be a part of the team, which has really emphasised how important it is to feel fulfilled in your job. It gives the employees a reason to want to work hard, progress and achieve goals.

As well as teaching me the positives about working in a healthy working environment, the team has also helped me understand what B2B PR really is. Before this experience, if someone asked me what the definition of B2B PR was, I honestly wouldn’t have had a clue what to say… So, even learning the bare bones of what Nielsen McAllister does, has helped me to understand the “ins and outs” of day-to-day work within a PR agency and why PR is so important in helping businesses expand and succeed.

On Tuesday it was the Nielsen McAllister quarterly social event, so the team and I went out in the evening for the Uttoxeter races. It was a first for me, and I actually didn’t mind that I’m not old enough to bet yet, as it meant I didn’t make the mistake of betting twice on the same horse like Jack did, just because it had a “cool name”. (This particular losing horse was named ‘Declaration of War’ in case you were interested.)

My time at Nielsen McAllister led me to lots of new experiences, and feeling so immersed in the team has been especially helpful for me and will allow me to make decisions of what I want to do for work in the future.

I owe a big thank you to the Nielsen McAllister team for this experience, and you never know­­­ – I might even end up in PR myself one day. If I do, I will have this experience and these people to thank.



My time at Nielsen McAllister has helped me understand the day-to-day functions of a business, as well as how a B2B business operates and all the challenges they face in a week. It has really opened a new world to me that I was unaware of before my work experience placement.

I experienced what it feels like to be in a hardworking and dedicated team, which has shown me the joys of an enthusiastic working environment and how beneficial this can be for your productivity and wellbeing. I have attended many meetings over the week, both internal and external, that have demonstrated to me how much work needs to be done over the course of a week to meet demands, as well as how to deal with customers.

Over my placement, I was given some tasks I had to complete to help the team, one of these being a research project. Despite me being unsure in the beginning, I started to really enjoy these tasks as they developed my knowledge of how other businesses work and helped me practice time management skills in a real office environment. It also introduced me to fascinating services that a B2B can offer – all of which were new to me.

On Thursday I got the chance to go litter picking for St Peters Quarter, one of NM’s clients. It felt good to help the community, whilst meeting many new and interesting people. It might have been the highlight of my week; I will certainly remember it for a while.

Overall, I really appreciate all that Nielsen McAllister has done for me and for the time I have spent with the team. I owe them a massive thanks. Being part of this fantastic team has been a great experience to me, that I will keep with me as I venture into a working world of my own one day.

For more information about work experience placement, contact us and chat to one of our team members.

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