The Art of MacroArt

The Art of MacroArt

With Covid stopping live events overnight, wide-format graphics producer MacroArt needed to raise awareness of its business and wider service offer, so looked to Nielsen McAllister to deliver.

How Nielsen McAllister helped

The Background

MacroArt knew it needed to build awareness of its brand by highlighting the work it was continuing to provide, despite the challenges of the pandemic.

The company was keen to take its message more widely to retail and specialist sectors and develop a strong ‘advisory’ reputation, whilst clearly emphasising its approachability and sustainability credentials.

The Solution

Nielsen McAllister sat down with the team and identified a content campaign for PR and social media that would build the MacroArt brand through highlighting the skills and experience of the people within the business.

The Art of MacroArt was born.

Feature articles – We sought out the most influential publications in each sector, offering and facilitating the inclusion of feature articles from senior members of the MacroArt team. This helped establish MacroArt as an authoritative voice within its industry. These key relationships have continued to yield quality coverage across the breadth of the industry press.

Press releases – By working with our contacts and databases, we broadened MacroArt’s exposure to more niche markets, producing tailored press releases aimed at specific sectors, scheduling multiple releases to coincide with the relevant key times for each market.

Social media – Building on MacroArt’s existing social media presence on the main channels, we pursued a more proactive campaign, utilising a mix of the visually appealing project shots and technically impressive production imagery, to generate greatly improved engagement and exposure across a wide range of channels.

Blogs – Regular blog posts were created and attributed to key staff members, in which they provided an insight into both the technical excellence of the company and its culture and ethos. These blogs were posted by the individuals and then reposted via the company’s social media channels, to reinforce its inclusive approach to teamwork and celebrating the expertise of its employees.

Trade awards – Industry awards were identified, and applications written and submitted, further enhancing MacroArt’s visibility and reputation.

The Result

The collaborative approach across communications channels has seen significant increase in awareness of the MacroArt brand – driven by its expertise, case studies and, above all, people.

The Art of MacroArt encapsulates this and has seen social media growth including LinkedIn followers increasing by 30 per cent in the year and impressions across Twitter and LinkedIn growing by over 150,000 in the first six months.

Posts have seen increased engagement due to this interactivity, with comments from end users and clients as well as trade colleagues, resulting in several potential sales leads.

Feature articles and press release coverage have been secured across leading trade and local press titles including:

As with all our clients, we see effective PR and communications as being the sum of many integral elements which combine to deliver truly company-wide benefits, with physical manifestations like press releases and social media posts being just the visible evidence of progress.

And if proof were needed of both the power of PR, and our effectiveness in delivering it, we’d like to share an email from MD Michael Green; “Someone in the industry has just asked if I could get out of the press and give our competitors a chance! That’s down to you guys so thank you.”

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Someone in the industry has just asked if I could get out of the press and give our competitors a chance! That’s down to you guys so thank you.

Michael Green, Managing Director