Visqueen – Media launch

Providing a focused PR and media campaign

Visqueen needed to raise the profile of its structural waterproofing range and expertise, building on its pedigree within the gas protection market.

How Nielsen McAllister helped

The Background

Visqueen is the leading UK manufacturer of gas protection and structural waterproofing polymer membranes and other protective systems including cavity drainage systems and liquid waterproofing.

Whilst being well known for gas protection systems, Visqueen wanted to increase awareness of its comprehensive range of structural waterproofing products.

This objective formed a key part of Nielsen McAllister’s PR strategy and we developed a programme focused on raising the profile of Visqueen’s product range and expertise in the structural waterproofing market, as well as raising Visqueen’s profile generally, establishing the company as an authoritative voice in the construction sector.

The Solution

As part of the strategy which sought to establish and develop Visqueen’s authoritative voice, we targeted key publications in the architecture and construction press, securing editorial positions in these magazines or online news outlets.

A number of non-promotional articles by-lined by members of Visqueen’s technical team, who have substantial expertise in the issues surrounding structural waterproofing, were then created as technical guidance for readers, educating and raising awareness of the issues surrounding waterproofing.

The Result

By capitalising on and developing media relationships, several articles on issues surrounding structural waterproofing were placed.

A few examples of the articles written and published on behalf of Visqueen:

The effect of providing editors with this type of content was that their readers and thus Visqueen’s markets were informed about the complex issues surrounding structural waterproofing and other construction processes relevant to Visqueen products. Through education, potential customers were created as they learned correct practise for these processes which involved solutions that Visqueen provided.

Through the non-promotional nature of the extended articles, Visqueen was able to position itself as a voice of authority in its relevant sectors, particularly in structural waterproofing.

By using an approach of nurturing and creating relationships with relevant media sectors we were able to create these opportunities for Visqueen to raise their profile and awareness of the product offer in the construction sector.

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Nielsen McAllister's PR programme raised the profile of Visqueen’s gas protection product range and our expertise in the structural waterproofing market, helping establish the company as an authoritative voice on these issues in the construction sector.

Phil Bull, General Manager, Visqueen Building Products