Why We Love Working in a B2B PR and Marketing Agency

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Nobody has ever made a rom-com set in a B2B PR and marketing agency.  Imagine the possibilities – the meet-cute at a networking event, the keyword-optimised trials and tribulations of their romance, the final declaration of love on a livestream.

It’s a shame nobody has made that film, really, because there’s plenty to love about working in this industry.  Until they do, we asked the team what it is we love about working in a B2B PR and marketing agency.

Here’s what we said. Hollywood executives, take note.

Simon Wildash

Two reasons – people and words. People, because this business is based around helping others; developing great relationships is central to the support we can offer. It’s also fascinating to learn about the roles people have within their businesses and the passion they have for improving their communications, whether with clients, suppliers or team members.

And words? Well, these are our day-to-day building blocks in B2B PR and marketing! Whether written or spoken, good communications comes down to words.  Enjoying how to best use them is a challenge, opportunity and often a delight!

Molly Norman

In marketing, every single day is different. Each morning I plan a day of tasks completely opposite to the day before. One day I’m writing social media posts, the next day I’m designing visuals, the next I’m making reports.  It’s a fun, creative, varied career with constant opportunities to grow and change.

Even the social media algorithm is constantly shifting, and we get to adapt and edit to keep up with it. I couldn’t think of a more exciting way to spend 40 hours a week, than finding a whole new digital space to study every morning.

Simon Kinnear

It started with a love of writing.  Then came the realisation that a B2B PR and marketing agency offers the kind of challenges that are catnip to a writer.  Every day, our clients brief us on innovations and projects that are complex, highly specialised and very niche – and it’s our job to translate these into exciting, graspable stories that will inspire their target audiences.  We deal with hot-button topics like sustainability, global supply chains and digitalisation, so it’s also a brilliant way of getting to understand how the modern world works.

While it started with a love of writing, it’s become something more.  Most days, it’s a bonus if I get to write anything.  It doesn’t matter.  Whether I’m liaising with clients, devising content strategies, meeting new prospects or reading what my colleagues have written, there’s no shortage of variety.

Richard Pettinger

Imagine the scene. A good friend is a magnificent human being but, like so many of us, cannot see the huge contribution they make to their family, friends and the wider world. It’s that Good Egg Gland again.  It feels good to be able to tell them how individually extraordinary they are. It’s what friends are for.

Working in B2B PR and marketing, we get to shine a light on the hidden brilliance of our clients.  The positives, uniqueness, expertise and quality of their offering that gets lost in the day-to-day noise of running their business.  We have the chance to learn, observe and distil the things that makes them stand out from their peers, and then broadcast it to the world.

This is why I love my job – finding the ‘special’ in our clients, and making sure they are valued.

Rhiannon Hopper

The opportunity to sit down with an MD and dig into their vision and messaging goals, then bring those messages to life. I love that, through words and creativity, marketeers can drive belief in a brand’s products or services, and therefore can change the course of a company. It’s thrilling. Also, it’s fascinating to see inside so many different companies in so many different industries. The versatility and variety of my job is a tactile joy!

Jack Readman

As someone with 67 open tabs on their Wikipedia mobile app, I enjoy the process of acquiring very niche knowledge. And in a B2B PR and marketing agency, the love of learning is completely necessary as you have to understand a client’s products, the markets they operate in and be able to spot interesting content opportunities therein. I have lost myself in the intricacies of protecting buildings against radon gas, the revolutionary impact of the multihead weigher on the food industry and just how much of a problem counterfeiting really is. I could go on.

Something I also cherish is the importance of establishing and building relationships with a huge variety of people, which allows me to use my eccentric personality in a professional setting. What’s not to love?!

Wendy Roberts

I’ve been a writer for more than 30 years. I tell people I can’t do anything else – but that’s probably not true!  To be a good writer involves lots of skills.  Meeting people, and writing about them and their successes is so rewarding and working with a great bunch of creatives, like the team at NMPR, is an added bonus. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some wonderful people, share their stories far and wide and at the same time LOVE my job. Every. Single. Day.

Bob Bushby

Simple answer: as the founder of Nielsen McAllister and after 32 years of working here, “Because it’s mine!” And for that reason, I will be more interested in what everyone else has to say!

On a serious note, the multi-discipline nature of B2B PR and marketing already adds variety to every working day. Add to that clients offering an array of different products and services for countless end-markets and you get a fast-paced, interesting and exhilarating working environment where no two days are exactly the same. Oh yes, and I work with a great bunch of people!

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